Shipping status and other news

Shipping status and getting started

Most Indiegogo orders have now been shipped (not all, but most). If yours hasn’t shipped yet you are one of the last but it definitely won’t be unshipped by the end of this week. If you want to check, please log into the address system. Remember there are only two of us and we are happily working for free here with quite a workload but we don’t have time to reply to emails that ask unnecessary questions (i.e. questions that are answered on this site). One of these unnecessary questions is “has my board shipped yet?” (come on, that’s why I made the address system). If you can’t log in, make sure you are using the right email address (whatever you paid with), but do feel free to get in touch if you really can’t log in. Shipping has been taking about 7 business days to most places, but it can take up to 4 weeks in certain situations. If you don’t receive it 4 weeks after the shipping date, let us know and we’ll contact Hong Kong Post to see if they know anything.

When you receive your board, there’s a quick start guide here. If you use Windows or another OS that’s not covered and you make a setup guide, please send us a link (or if you don’t have a blog just send it to us and we’ll put it on our site with credits).

If you do an unboxing video (someone, please?), send us the link and we’ll put it here 🙂

The best way to get in contact with us is

Additional boards

Some people have been asking about purchasing extra boards. We released another 150 boards a few days ago here and they are available while stock lasts. Backorder is also available but in limited quantity based on what parts we have left. We aren’t continuing the HackRF Blue after this but I really hope someone will, if you want to do your own manufacturing run I’ll do what I can to help you get started, please see

Amplifier, Upconverter, USB3.0 SDR

I’m working on an amplifier board full of RF switches to increase the TX power of the HackRF across all frequencies, as well as the cheapest upconverter possible, and hopefully a USB3.0 SDR after that. If you are interested in being involved in the development process of any of these please get in touch.

The heatsink

One last note about the heatsink that we were going to use but didn’t. We ended up not using a heatsink because it physically doesn’t fit with the acrylic case (without getting a custom heatsink made which turned out to be way too expensive). If we cut another hole in the acrylic case for the heatsink, it reduces the robustness of the case a surprising amount. The MCU does get pretty hot and this heats up that whole area of the board, but it doesn’t affect the performance of the timing crystals etc which is what the initial (misguided) concern was.

22 thoughts on “Shipping status and other news

  1. Mine arrived last week and I spent the weekend learning all about digital radio, good fun ☺ Would love to get my hands on a TX amp.

    Now to plan building some antennas.

  2. Curious on the latest batch that were available for purchase. These were offered through Paypal and Paypal shows the money is sent. No email confirming the order has came in from hackrfblue and when I login into the account I created it just shows “processing”.

    Your mention of “Amplifier, Upconverter, USB3.0 SDR” are all very interesting! Would be really interesting to see the USB SDR tie into the Blue and allow for the one to take care of reception and the Blue transmit.

        1. No we weren’t expecting it to happen for a second time. They are demanding things like a US social security number (none of us are US citizens) and 6 months of projected sales etc etc. Logic and reason has no impact on these people and their true intentions are pretty clear after looking at the Paypal wikipedia page. We’ll find _some_ kind of solution though.

  3. Mine arrived today, Canada, pretty sure mine was one of the last to ship.
    No duties, left it in the mailbox… Now I just need to figure out how it work…

  4. Mine arrived in the mailbox yesterday also. No custom charges. Had one HackRF before (blew it by transmitting with 50 Watt in the antenna input. (Bad cable labelling from my side….) and could not fix it without damaging the PCB.

    So, for me, it’s plug and play. Sensitivity is good! As good as my airspy, on UHF radiosonde band it performs better as my bladeRF.



  5. I guess somebody has to be last, but the end of the week has passed and mine is still showing unshipped. I hope I wasn’t inadvertently missed!

    1. Yours was shipped today actually 😀 It’s just not in the shipping database because I don’t know how to do the mysql stuff but Gareth will update it tomorrow.

    1. There aren’t tracking numbers, just delivery confirmation and tracing numbers we can use if delivery takes longer than 4 weeks.

  6. Just got mine. Did you guys change something? I have an original one from the kickstarter as well but this one is noticeably more sensitive. I can’t see anything different on the board, am I missing something?

    1. We changed some of the baluns (check the BOM on github) and a few other minor things, but this hasn’t increased performance. Two things: these are very finicky devices, a change in the RF environment can cause differences in performance (e.g. a washing machine that turns on in your building or something and everything suddenly looks weak); it’s very difficult to compare one device to another without a room surrounded in RF shielding (we built a faraday cage and ran test machines off batteries to test all the units). That said, I’ve had the chance to look at around 12 original One units and noticed some (maybe 2-3) were using different parts to the others (different capacitors and different RF inductors). I’m not sure if there’s some quackery going on but switching out components is commonplace in the factories, that’s partly why I set up the SMT mounter myself and stayed on the factory floor during production.

  7. Sorry to bother with shipping issues: my unit status says it has been shipped on May,11th. I would like to have the post office tracking number so I could check its status. Is it possible?

    1. It’s not publicly trackable, I get a delivery confirmation and can only email the post office to trace it if something goes wrong, but I can’t do that before 4 weeks from the shipping date (it can take up to 4 weeks for delivery). Don’t worry, the majority are taking this long, just some arrived faster than expected.

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