Shipping has started

Thank you for your patience with the various delays so far! Shipping has (finally) started and some of the boards have already been shipped.  Soldering the headers+SMA headers+RF Shielding took a while longer than planned but it’s all done now.

We are waiting for 2 more batches of boards to come into Hong Kong from Shenzhen where they were put together, they will be here tomorrow or the next day. With the exception of orders from Mainland China, we are packing and shipping the boards out from Hong Kong because that’s where our day jobs are (and the mailing system is more reliable).

To protect the board during transit, we’re using a heat-sealed ESD safe bag with a bit of extra puff (like a packet of chips!), and in the next ‘section’ some padding is slotted in to protect the front of the board. It all worked out very nicely. If you haven’t used a heat-sealing machine to seal bags before, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.


The ESD label is not just for fun or to scare away touchy-feely customs officials but also to warn you (yes, you) that it is actually a very sensitive and vulnerable device and you do need to be careful even though we all usually ignore these kinds of warnings.


This of course all goes into the box for shipping:


I saw these today when I was walking around one of the supplier malls and grabbed them for people who bought the “Mega Combo” (the extra $40 combo). The Mega Combo includes an SMA pigtail to use to connect an external clock source (or output the HackRF’s clock to something else). With one of these things you can also use the pigtail with the included telescopic antenna to keep it physically separated from the board itself and maybe mount it somewhere etc.


Also decided to get some stickers made because stickers are cool. Everyone who contributed gets stickers 🙂 I have extras so if you want an extra sheet tell us on Twitter or in the comments.

(In case you were wondering, the logo was inspired by Hong Kong’s street signs)

If you want to know if your board has been shipped or not, check the address system over the next week or so, I’m putting in the ship dates for each individual board at the time of shipping.

Finally, if you want a free HackRF PCB (Blank PCB), see here. And if you want to manufacture HackRFs yourself, see here (work in progress).

12 thoughts on “Shipping has started

  1. For customs it’s not hard to google name from box and learn real value. So there is no point of declaring lower value i bet. Usually they don’t check yellow or other cheap looking packages. Nice package will cost me at least +20%.

  2. NOW we’re talking!! Can’t wait. Thanks to all of you for putting this project together. I actually have been designing and assembling a product for the last 5 months which interconnects with several pcb’s for sale and know the pains it involves. ESPECIALLY when you are waiting for parts from overseas. Then of course there is the MINOR detail of assembly/testing time! 😉

    1. There’s a registration number, which provides some level of recourse if something goes wrong, but not a tracking number. The only way to provide this fairly useless number is for me to manually write it out, so I won’t provide it unless it’s needed (i.e. if you haven’t received the package within the expected timeframe).

  3. Congrats on shipping. Looking forward to adding this to my test equipment collection, and sharing with others at the Sydney Hackerspace.

  4. Can you please let me know when my order will ship? I tried emailing you this question but got no response.

    1. I got your email, and responded at the time. We are concurrently packing each board and shipping them (and writing this comment is taking me away from that task). When it’s shipped you’ll see it in the shipping database.

  5. My package was shipped on May 7, 2015, I found it in my mailbox (Texas, USA) today, May 16, 2015 (I have been away from home for a few days). Hurray!

    Everything appears to be present as it should be. I can’t wait to start playing with it. Wouldn’t you know it, I’m leaving town tomorrow for almost a week and won’t be bringing my new toy along with me to play, so I can’t check it out until next week. Oh well!

    Thanks a million for all the effort that went into this project. I (and I’m sure, many others too) greatly appreciate it!

    73 de W0JT/5

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