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Update July 2015: this project is now over and we are only updating the shipping database and doing a shipping run 1-2 times a month. If you confirm your address or pay for shipping now, it will take 1-2 months before you actually receive your HackRF depending on when our next shipping run is and where you are located.

Hi everyone, there have been no further delays or problems and everything is still going ahead as mentioned in the last update.

Please go here to confirm your shipping address and set your contact number (we won’t ship your package until this is done because we don’t want lost packages). Simply use the email you paid with to sign in (whether through Indiegogo or Paypal). If you have issues or questions, please comment below and we’ll answer publicly in case someone else has the same problem.

If you have an address in anything other than plain alphanumeric characters you’ll notice the encoding is messed up, this is thanks to Indiegogo and completely out of our hands so please just send us your address again.

Note: the HackRF itself is included in all packages, for example “Mega Combo with RF shielding” means the HackRF Blue with the Mega Combo + RF shielding package. In other words, if you can log into the page, you have a HackRF Blue itself, in addition to your package.




30 thoughts on “Please confirm your shipping address

  1. Hi guys,
    Shipping: great news I’m looking forward!
    May i ask where will you organise the fulfillment from? From which country do you plan to ship?
    Thanks for you great update and feedback!

  2. I presume that ‘Package=Acrylic case’ on the confirmation page means HackRF Blue plus acrylic case?!

    1. Yes 🙂 If you can access the page with your email address then you have a HackRF Blue, the “package” is just what you got it with.

  3. I have a concern of the last statement at the bottom of the confirmation page:

    “we cannot however accept responsibility in the case of packages lost or damaged while in transit.”

    What is the recourse of action in this case?

    1. We’ll of course do everything we can, which means following up with Hong Kong post and filing a police report. If you are overly concerned we can use a courier service for your package but it would cost something like $40-$60 extra and in my view is unnecessary.

  4. Rachel I tried to register and it doesnt go anywhere. I was one of the 16 or whatever that was able to get one after the indie ended. I even have emails and confirmations from you and gareth as well as a paypal order number showing I sent my payment. I was kinda curious why I wasnt listed in the hall of fame when I requested my website name be entered. anyways please tell me what to do next? I completely understand having mixups especially with all the paypal stuff.

    1. You might be using the wrong email to sign in (it’s based on Paypal email for people that ordered later), you paid with, try that one and let me know if there are still problems 🙂

      PS: Have updated the Hall of Fame 😉

      1. Thank you rachel 🙂 I was using the wrong addresses, I thought I had it registered differently…love you guys. Lol

  5. On the confirmation, the address it correct but the package just says “Mega Combo with RF Shielding + Hall of Fame”. I contributed for that + “HackRF Blue + Extra Hackerspaces”. I want to make sure both are in the system.

    Also, once this is confirmed, do you have an date for when you are going to start shipping? That would help. Thanks!

    1. “Hall of Fame” is actually the “Extra Hackerspaces” perk ( 🙂

      We can’t really confirm a precise date for shipping because there are too many variables involved and it would almost definitely change, you may have noticed the “shipped on” field on that page though so you can check back there and see if it’s been shipped or not (and the exact date).

      1. Entered email address (as per payment confirmation emails), click proceed and get presented with the same form again with nothing in the fields. Either way none of my details have changed the paypal address etc remains unchanged, everything was paid in full ($250USD 4 Jan), just waiting for the blue & mega combo to turn up.

  6. Rachel, I sent my updated shipping information as the zip code appeared wrong in the confirmation page. I didn’t see any updates to my address information on the status page and wanted to make sure you got my correction email. Thank you!


  7. Shipping started ..wonderfull.. classes start soon after May break, so the HackRF will be greatly received.

  8. I’m checking the web page rather than calling, but I’m getting annoyed.
    Not at the “Not Shipped” status [I was expecting that]… but the Shipping “NOT PAID”

    I have indeed paid, and I would appreciate the status being updated to reflect this.
    Do you want the PayPal details again, as a reminder?

    1. Hi, I didn’t receive an email from you about your payment (just saying because your comment sounds like you may have sent one). I just updated all the Paypal payments in the database, should be good now 🙂

      1. Much better. Highly appreciated, thank you.
        Now I just have to [patiently] wait for shipping, like everyone else…

  9. I’m getting a little worried I haven’t heard from you. Rachel? Gareth? Please set my mind at ease. – Larry

    1. We’re only updating the database and doing shipping about once a month now as there’s only <20 people who we haven't been able to get in contact with to confirm their addresses (everyone else has already received their board). We're doing a shipping run today and your board is in that one 😉

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