I missed out!

We no longer have any HackRF Blue boards for sale. Please register below if you want to be notified when more units become available. Just to be clear: we’re no longer manufacturing HackRFs and will not be making any more of them at any point in the future, but we do have a box of 50 remaining boards waiting to go through QA testing. I only ever send out boards that I have personally verified and I just haven’t had a chance to get through the last box. Probably early April. You can also join our facebook group to keep up to date with what’s happening.

The best option right now is to purchase a HackRF One from a Great Scott Gadget’s Reseller, you’ll probably have it in your hands within a week, and you’ll be supporting the original developer so he can continue to work on more cool stuff that you’ll probably want later. You could also manufacture and sell them yourself, here’s some stuff we learned that you may find useful. If you haven’t played with SDR before, a good option is to start with an R820T USB dongle available for $10-$20.

You can build your own HackRF, this is a very rewarding endeavour and a highly recommended learning experience. Getting the PCB made once off is relatively expensive and we have some left from the Indiegogo campaign, so we’ll give you the PCB for free if you want to build a HackRF from scratch. If you’re at a hackerspace and your community wants to make a bunch of them, we’ll send you as many as you need and provide as much technical assistance as we can.

If you know of anyone else manufacturing or selling HackRFs please let us know so we can link to it here.

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Second hand HackRFs currently for sale:


All sold, last update March 13 2016.

[Contact hackrfblue AT gmail.com to add your HackRF Blue or HackRF One to this list].