And we’re back!

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and all the encouraging messages we’ve received regarding the Paypal issue. This issue has seen widespread attention and I’ve had a number of requests for interviews from various not-unpopular tech websites. It seems the pressure/attention has achieved results and I can happily report that Paypal has now re-activated our account and things are back to normal. Out of principle I will continue to pressure Paypal through a variety of channels regarding interest owed on the seized funds and compensation for time spent dealing with this issue, their conduct is completely unethical and the number of victims is staggering, this type of behaviour needs to stop. If you are a merchant requiring a payment gateway, check out Stripe.

I’m waiting for a response from Indiegogo regarding warning contributors and campaign owners about the very common and serious risks involved with using Paypal and will report to the community when they get back to me.

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