Almost finished

Just a quick update to catch everyone up on what’s happening.

We have been working very hard but testing has been taking a lot longer than expected. Most of the boards have now been tested though and we are now doing the RF shielding and headers etc. We couldn’t do these prior to testing because it makes it very difficult to fix any problems and change components etc if required. This was overlooked during planning (our bad), we were intending to test and ship concurrently which would have been a better outcome.

These are the boxes we are using for shipping. We used non-bleached recycled materials for the boxes and packing/cushioning, if you receive a board wrapped in plastic bubble wrap though that’s because we received some parts in bubble wrap and are just re-using it. This may seem trivial but if you see the horrific state of the environment around the place where the boards are made you’ll understand why we are being so careful.

The estimated transit time globally is 5-14 days and varies by location. Some people have asked about express shipping and although we can use an express service it’s probably not worth it. Here are some example prices anyway for anyone who’s interested:

DHL Express (global): ~$90 (1-3 days)

SF Express (Continental United States only): $40 (2-3 business days)

Hong Kong SpeedPost (global): $40 (they say 2-5 business days but in our experience can sometimes take longer)

If you would like to check the price for other shipping providers: shipping is done from Hong Kong, the box is 23*12*3cm and weighs about 400g. Remember to check the fuel surcharge as well.

If you want to use an express service, contact us at

Address confirmation

If you selected “No” on the shipping system to indicate that your address is wrong, you need to contact us and provide the correct address as requested. If your address is blank, or the encoding is messed up, that means we simply don’t have your address or Indiegogo messed up the encoding before it got to us and there’s really nothing we can do until you give us your correct address. Keep in mind this isn’t a profit making venture and we have very limited manpower so things must be carefully prioritized – we will happily chase you up to get your address from you if you don’t send it to us, but we won’t do this until all the other boards (with confirmed addresses) have been shipped because we don’t want to unnecessarily delay those boards (an hour of chasing is an hour of not shipping or testing). Note: if you’re in Hong Kong and picking up your board yourself this does not apply, we’ll be in touch to arrange a time for a group beer and board distribution 🙂

8 thoughts on “Almost finished

  1. Rachal, I asked this question already as well with no response but I confirmed that my Zip Code was wrong as the leading ZERO was dropped off. Did you receive my address correction email which I sent the day I confirmed. Thank you!


    1. Hi Carmine,I think that’s all ok but just go into the system and make sure, if there are any problems let me know 😉

  2. Thank you for all the hard work and extremely care you’ve put into this project.

    I really appreciate the updates.


  3. Rachel,

    It is quite nice to know from you the details of manufacturing, testing, etc. Thanks a lot for the respect and kindness used on your post.

    All the Best,

    Paulo Bastos – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

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