28/5 Update

If your status is still showing “not yet shipped” in the address system or you’re not in the system and we’ve overlooked you, please get in touch so we can send you your board. There are still some people who haven’t confirmed their address, and some who haven’t paid the shipping fees. I’ve sent them a few emails and in some cases haven’t heard back, I’ll continue to try and make contact but after a few months I’m just going to send the boards to hackerspaces if I don’t hear anything. If you’ve replied to one of these emails over the last week, don’t worry, your board is either on its way or will be shortly.

A lot of people have been asking about additional boards. We released a small number of extra boards through our ‘store’ last week and it was a complete failure. PayPal decided to freeze our account (again) which has caused a major headache. I’ll talk about what happened on my personal blog over the coming week if you’re interested. Once the people who ordered from the store have been sorted out we will release whatever is left and provide the link to the store on the “I missed out” page.

We’re also now starting to do the books so we know how many boards we can donate to hackerspaces. A final list will be compiled and at that point I’ll contact each hackerspace to confirm their address before shipping.

Get an extra box of goodies for free

If you’ve received your HackRF, please send us pictures of your setup (even it it’s just your HackRF and laptop) on twitter (@hackrfblue) or our facebook group. We’re going to choose the most awesome picture (from a photographic/artistic perspective, not how many cool things you can pack into one shot) and give them a box of extra goodies like different antennas etc that we have remaining. There may even be enough for a 2nd or 3rd box. I’m also hoping someone will do an unboxing video because I want to make a video showing the entire production process, boxing, mailing, and then…..unboxing!

Meet SDR people in your local area

If you want to get in touch with other people using the HackRF in your local area, start a facebook group (or whatever) and let me know. I’ll email everyone with a HackRF Blue in your vicinity and provide them with a link to your group. I created one for Hong Kong and we had our first meetup a few days ago, it was very fun.

Want an amplifier?

I mentioned this before, but I’m working on a TX amplifier. If you want to be notified when it’s ready, head over here. Once I have the basic hardware side worked out I’ll push the design to github so that people can start on the firmware side of things (software controlled amp).

4 thoughts on “28/5 Update

  1. Is there anything to report on the PayPal situation?

    Is the PayPal account still frozen?

    Just wondering.


    1. The account for shop.hackrfblue.com is still frozen, we told everyone to request a refund because Paypal said they refuse to unfreeze it without a US social security number which of course none of us mere mortal non-US citizens have. Now they are saying they aren’t going to unfreeze it because too many refund requests…

      1. How mendacious of PayPal.

        Are they giving any other small tarding concerns in Hong Kong trouble?

        i read of Hack RF Blue’s previous problems with PayPal on Gareth’s blog. Enlightening.

        They are obviously not the enabler of consumer level commerce they portray themselves as.

        Will it now be a case of trying to get a refund via a credit card provider?

        (If someone paid by credit card.)

        This is making me very keen on BitCoin.

        Or maybe to pay for things using physical gold or silver.


        1. Hi Dean,

          I’ll just point out for anyone reading that this only affects people who purchased through shop.hackrfblue.com and not anyone who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign or ordered directly over email.

          Paypal are of course a bunch of thieving scumbags and their executives need to be hung, but they have finally agreed to refund everyone instead of pocketing the money (funny how they thought they could freeze our account and keep the money while also refusing to refund anyone). Yes, you should get into bitcoin, that’s the only payment method we are going to be accepting from now on.

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