27/3 Update, with pictures.

It took longer than expected to obtain and test the HHM1711E1 to replace the 2500BL14M100T (see Rachel’s last update for context). The good news is that it works just as well in practice as it should in theory and is fine across all the frequencies that were tested and is a very good (and fortunate) replacement for the missing (gee thanks, customs staff) and out of stock component. The bad news is that the testing has caused a delay and we’ve lost our place in the queue for assembly. We have been scheduled in on the 6th 7th and despite my pleading I can’t get time on the SMT machine any faster than that. The factory we are using is boutique and only has one SMT line, we chose them because they are generally very flexible and reliable, and also treat their staff far better than every other factory we looked at. Assembly itself for all units will only take 2-3 days, but we obviously need to test each unit before shipping so that will add a bit of time. This testing will be done concurrently with shipping and units will be sent out in the same order that contributions were received. The last units to be shipped will be the 100 or so provided to Hackerspaces as many of these will be defective units that get reworked.

I tried and failed to do a mass email to all contributors to confirm everyone’s shipping address so I’m just writing a quick bit of php to let everyone log in with their email and do it that way instead. The reason this is necessary is because some people may have moved house, be on extended vacation, etc. You’ll also be able to pay for shipping if you haven’t already, choose between options for customs declaration, and provide a contact number (required for shipping). I’ll probably finish that over the weekend and I’ll post the link both here and as an Indiegogo update.

And now for pictures of the PCBs. Click on each picture to enbiggen.

Front of the board:


Back of the board (the RF switches etc used in the HackRF are extremely ESD sensitive so I thought it was worth putting a warning on the board itself):


Congratulations to Graham Paull and Miguel Gómez who get a free PCB to put their coffee on for guessing (well almost guessing) the correct number of boards in this picture on Twitter.IMG_6347

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    1. Not sure where you tried to log in, the log in page does not exist yet 😉 The link will be posted here and emailed to all contributors when it is ready 🙂

      I’ll probably finish that over the weekend and I’ll post the link both here and as an Indiegogo update.

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