It’s time for an update!

TL;DR version: Shipping will most likely start at the end of next week (week starting 23rd). You will be contacted to reconfirm your order and address prior to shipping. If you haven’t paid for shipping yet we will contact you.

We now finally have almost all our parts from customs, and I’m happy to report that we didn’t have to resort to dealing under the table to get them. In hindsight, we should have had everything shipped to Hong Kong instead of directly to the factory in China as that would have eliminated this issue.

Customs apparently “lost” one roll of parts, the Johansen Tech. 2500BL14M100T, which is a balun that converts a 50Ω unbalanced impedance to 100Ω and vice-versa for the MAX2837. Unfortunately, this particular part is now out of stock everywhere till late April. When we worked out that getting them from a reputable source was no longer an option, we ordered some from a Chinese trader, however when they arrived they were clearly the wrong part with the same footprint (which is quite often the case) and with no indication of what they actually are. Hilarious of course, but very annoying.

After some digging, I have found a pretty good cross in the form of TDK’s HHM1711E1 and have ordered those, but this part hasn’t gone through our testing process and so that has to happen before we use it in production. On paper, the HHM1711E1 should work out just fine as a replacement, and as long as that is the case in practice we’ll start shipping the boards at the end of next week. If that doesn’t turn out to be the case, we will keep you updated. In the meantime, if anyone by chance knows where we can get a roll (or just ~1000 pc cut tape) of 2500BL14M100T, or if any RF geniuses can provide feedback on any potential issues they see with using the HHM1711E1, please do get in touch!

And now for some housekeeping:

Quite a number of people have not paid for shipping, if this is you, we’ll be contacting you over the next week or so to arrange payment.

People who ordered customized HackRFs (with your name or company printed on the PCB), we will also be contacting you this week with details.

We will also be emailing everyone to reconfirm their address and order before shipping (in case people have moved houses etc since ordering), just as soon as I get a fast enough VPN to use MailChimp.

A lot of people who have ordered the HackRF without some of the extras (such as antenna or case) have contacted us because they want to add these things. If you want to add any of the extras to your order, you can still do so. Please head over to the Indiegogo campaign page and see what package you want and simply get in touch with us: (hackrfblue#gmail.com) and let us know.

4 thoughts on “2500BL14M100T

    1. I hope to get excited every day to hear this kind of news in my inbox. Now just 2 more excitements to go. Shipping and of course RECEIVING a working product! I can’t wait!

  1. Those are very good news. I am quite anxious to receive my unit.
    The HackRf Blue will be quite useful on my RF measurements training classes.

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