About the HackRF Blue

The HackRF Blue is a lower cost build of the open source HackRF One and the project aims to provide a number of Hackerspaces with free HackRFs.

You can use the HackRF Blue in any way that you would use the HackRF One - the same software, the same firmware, the same antennas.

People have been reporting a high degree of success with the HackRF Blue in terms of performance. Numerous people have reported it to be working from 200kHz to 7.2GHz (without up/down converters), though the official range is ~5MHz to 6GHz.

The HackRF Blue was originally released through our IndieGogo campaign. Some extra units are available at shop.hackrfblue.com with prices ranging from $130 to $260 depending on the version and extras.

The HackRF is an open source project. The original hardware build by Michael Ossmann can be purchased from a Great Scott Gadgets reseller. If you want to manufacture the HackRF too, have a look at this.

Increasing access to SDR technology

In order to increase access to SDR technology, a number of hackerspaces will receive free HackRF(s). The video below shows which spaces have been slated to receive a HackRF Blue, however owing to the success of the Indiegogo campaign the actual number will be considerably more.

If you would like to suggest a hackerspace, please see the background information here.